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I began my comedy career with the sketch group Picnicface. We produced a TV series, a book, and a feature film. Since then I've been writing and performing for TV, radio, and online. Currently I'm developing a half-hour comedy with Danny McBride's Rough House Pictures.

Politics often makes me angry and I try to express that anger through comedy and I try to make that comedy funny. I've been a correspondent for This Hour Has 22 Minutes, ran a satirical election campaign for Canada‚Äôs unelected Senate, did weekly political commentary for the Toronto Star, and trolled a right-wing network in an on-air interview. I also created a video series, Citizen Vrooman about climate change, government secrecy, and pot legalization, and most recently a website roasting centrism: centrism.biz.

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If you want to get in touch, you can email my manager or me directly