My sketch group first gained notoriety with the viral energy drink parody Powerthirst (over 30 million views) and went on to produce a 13-episode television series, along with a book, "Picnicface's Canada." 



Back in 2007, I helped my co-Picnicfacer Mark Little write and edit this premise he had for an energy drink parody. After YouTube featured the video on its front page (when YouTube had an actual front page) and Will Ferrell picked it as one of his weekly favourites on Funny or Die (when Will Ferrell had time to watch dumb DIY videos), this thing went viral and suddenly Picnicface got a lot of attention. 

Why excellence matters

The first live sketch I wrote as a Picnicface member, inspired by my past life in the business world, and eventually filmed for our TV series. 

OUR 15 MINUTES of "fame"

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more sketches i wrote for our TV series: 

The Micromanager

PowerPoint Eulogy

Growing Boy

New Father

Legendary Porn Directors: Cain Ronson

That's a Movie

I didn't write this one, but proud to be in it, and it makes the next one make sense. 

Cat experiment

Celebrity Varnish

How Brian Met Scott

To The Left

Coffee Shop

Face Time with Scott

Funeral Director

With a bigger budget this would have been somehow even dumber. 

Picnicface Fan Art

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If you want to see all 13 episodes in full, email picnicface@gmail.com.