The Debaters

I've appeared multiple times on CBC Radio's long-running comedy debate show. 



I indulged in my hobby of teeing off on the royal family: "Maybe you like the monarchy because it’s a part of our history. Well, know what else is a part of our history? Lobotomies. Monarchy is a shameful part of our history, with a legacy of inequality and violence and inbred finger smellers who put people to death for not wishing their horse a happy birthday."

be it resolved: there are too many government jobs

I made an impassioned defense of the public sector: "I admit that government jobs aren’t ruthlessly efficient, but who wants ruthless efficiency? A 19th century cotton mill filled with limping orphans is ruthlessly efficient. Ruthless efficiency puts zero-point-five-ply toilet paper in the bathroom and installs a mandatory screen saver on your computer that says 'Why aren’t you working?'"

Be it resolved: Young people need university

I faced off against my fellow Picnicface alum Evany Rosen, arguing that university is for chumps because it "didn't teach me any of the things I needed to know to succeed in the real world. Like how to lie in a job interview about my proficiency with Microsoft Excel."